Testimonials from CDH Families we have assisted


Nayeli Faith Foundation was there for us when we needed them. Our son had a follow up at UCSF (4 hours away from home) about a month after being discharged from their NICU. Money was extremely tight and we weren’t going to be able to make it. We contacted the Nayeli Faith Foundation as a last resort and because of their generous help we were able to make it to the CDH clinic. Without that clinic we wouldn’t have known our son Liam was Failure To Thrive and needed a feeding tube. At least we wouldn’t have found out before any real damage was done. We learned a lot there that we wouldn’t have known otherwise and its all because Nayeli Faith Foundation helped us get there. They paid for a hotel room so that we could stay overnight the night before, they helped with food and gas. And they still keep track of Liam’s progress and ask how he’s doing, and even ask how we are doing as his parents. They were a shoulder we could lean on when we didn’t know anyone else out there with A CDHer. Ive recommended them to many families in CA and will continue to do so.


-Aubin Bryant
Mom to Liam born 7/14/11 with bi-latteral CDH