We found out we were pregnant on February 23, 2008.  We were excited and scared because of or our past pregnancies.  We had a miscarriage in February 2007.  We then became pregnant in August 2007 and lost our son Luc at 14 weeks to abnormal anomolies that he would not survive out of utero.  Our Doctors told us that there is nothing we did wrong and the miscarriage and losing Luc were not related.  We got pregnant within four months. 

We went in for a Level II utlrasound on June 4, 2008.  The Doctors wanted to reassure me everything was ok.  Our lives changed forever that day.  We knew was something was wrong because the technician kept going back to the chest area of the baby.  All we heard is liver up.  We were in shock and couldn't soak in everything they were telling us.  We were told we were having a girl and she only had 30% to live.  The Doctors told us again that all of three pregancies are not linked to each other and there is nothing we did wrong and there is nothing wrong with us.

We went home heartbrocken and in shock.  We spent days on the internet looking for hope.  We found other CDH families on the internet that were going through the same thing we were and we all found comfort in each other for support.  I leaned on several other CDH families that had either lost their baby to CDH or they had a survivor.  They were there for me through it all. 

Nayeli was born on October 22, 2008.  We prayed she would come out fighting and strong.  She did!  She had her repair surgery (laproscopic) only being 2 days old.  She extubabed herself at 6 days old, we held her for the first time that day.  She went home after 23 days in the ICU. 

Bringing Nayeli home was the best day of our lives!  She is growing and thriving each day.   We are here to tell you that miracles do happen and never give up HOPE!

We are here for you.